For pool fit­ness and exer­cise, we LOVE our Freestyle Pack­age. But there is a great alter­na­tive to swim­ming laps. Water walk­ing is a fan­tas­tic work­out that’s so easy and safe any­one can do it. You sim­ply put one foot in front of the oth­er…



Here are some tips to make it even more effec­tive.

  1.  Start out walk­ing in waist-deep water. As you progress, walk­ing in chest-deep water will offer more resis­tance and a bet­ter work­out.
  2. Avoid walk­ing on your tip toes, which is what we all tend to do in the water.  It’s best if you sim­u­late walk­ing on land, rolling from the heel to the ball of your foot.
  3. Pump your arms and burn more calo­ries.
  4. Cup and turn your hands so they move against the water for greater resis­tance. (The mod­el in the pho­to is using hand “fins” for ever more resis­tance.)
  5. Alter­nate walk­ing for­ward and back­ward in order to work dif­fer­ent mus­cles.

As with all exer­cise, warm up before and after and drink plen­ty of flu­ids. Have fun! And when you’re ready to swim your laps, click here!



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