It’s Pret­ty Incred­i­ble… How Swim­ming Can Make Your Kids Smarter!

You’ve heard that music lessons can boost your child’s intel­lect and skills in school, but music’s just not your family’s thing. Well, it turns out swim­ming can give your kids an intel­lec­tu­al and devel­op­men­tal boost as well.  So don’t just keep them inside at a piano—an Aus­tralian study says to put them in swim­ming lessons for even greater ben­e­fit. It’s true… read on to learn how swim­ming can make kids smarter.

The study was con­duct­ed by the Grif­fith Insti­tute For Edu­ca­tion­al Research and found that chil­dren who began swim­ming lessons ear­li­er and con­tin­ued with them longer ben­e­fit­ed not only by reach­ing phys­i­cal mile­stones ear­li­er, but also devel­oped skills involv­ing lan­guage and math­e­mat­ics soon­er than non-swim­mers did.

Here’s the rea­son why. Swim­ming lessons obvi­ous­ly teach coor­di­na­tion and visu­al motor-skill devel­op­ment but par­tic­i­pants must also rely heav­i­ly upon high­ly intel­lec­tu­al skills such as count­ing and fol­low­ing ver­bal instruc­tions, tim­ing and dis­ci­pline. The researchers say that the strong con­nec­tion between lan­guage and action that is promi­nent in swim­ming lessons is cru­cial to the devel­op­ment of intel­lec­tu­al and motor skills.  The study showed that kids in swim­ming at an ear­ly age start­ed mak­ing con­nec­tions between lan­guage and action before they could even talk. It’s amaz­ing how swim­ming can make kids smarter.

And here’s the best part. While researchers say that start­ing kids ear­ly has the great­est impact, it is NEVER too late. Your child can get these fan­tas­tic ben­e­fits from swim­ming no mat­ter what their age.  And the longer they stay involved in swim­ming lessons, the more these skills con­tin­ue to grow.




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