Families That Play Together Stay Together—Ideas for More Family Swimming Pool Fun

Studies have shown that playing together is an essential trait of happy, healthy families.  And there is nothing better than playing in the pool on a hot summer’s day. Great things start to happen when families play together…. they laugh together, start to talk and even get goofy together.  This brings a closeness that is suffocated by the craziness of work, school, lessons and chores.

So when pool season arrives…parents, don’t just lounge around poolside while your kids have all the fun. Strap on your goggles and start playing!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some of our favorite family pool games.

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Sharks and Minnows
  3. Belly flop contests
  4. Chicken
  5. Water relays
  6. Diving for treasure
  7. Pool basketball
  8. Air mattress pile up
  9. Water volleyball
  10. Underwater tea-party



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