Are you con­sid­er­ing build­ing a pool in your back­yard? Won­der­ing if your prop­erty “has what it takes” for a back­yard swim­ming pool?  Fig­ur­ing out if your prop­erty has back­yard swim­ming pool poten­tial has as much to do with the type of pool you are dream­ing of as it does with the actual prop­erty line.

Here's one of our beautiful remodeled pools in SE Portland, Oregon.

Here’s one of our beau­ti­ful remod­eled pools in SE Port­land, Oregon.


It is a mar­riage of design and prac­ti­cal­ity with a lit­tle bit of city reg­u­la­tion thrown in.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1.  What kind of back­yard swim­ming pool do I want and what is my bud­get?  If you want water fea­tures, rock for­ma­tions, and loopy slides, but have a tiny prop­erty, you may be in trou­ble. Your property’s size, shape and even the style of your home to influ­ence your pool design.
  2. What is my city’s set-back require­ment?  Con­sult a pool con­trac­tor, research these require­ments online or call the county office. Coun­ties, com­mu­ni­ties, asso­ci­a­tions and neigh­bor­hoods all vary. Do not set­tle for any­one that says, “I think” or “I heard,” because every inch counts.
  3. What shape and depth of pool do I want?  This all has to do with the loca­tion and some­times the archi­tec­ture of your house. A square pool is sim­ple and works well with thin­ner prop­er­ties with lim­ited space. Square pools are also bet­ter than round shapes if you want to swim laps. The shape of the pool should not sig­nif­i­cantly affect the price unless water move­ment, wet edges, spill­ways or fin­ishes need to be custom-designed.
  4. What fea­tures do I want my pool to have? There are an unlim­ited num­ber  of fea­tures you can add to make your pool more fun and appeal­ing. For instance, you can add a water fea­ture so you hear the con­stant, relax­ing flow of water or to enhance the visual effect of the pool (these can look beau­ti­ful at night with proper light­ing).  But all of these affect the amount of space you need.  Here are some other fea­tures that take up space:• Sun ledge w/ umbrella or swim outs
    • Beach entry
    • Rock struc­ture
    • Wet edge or an infin­ity edge
    • Fire pot or fire pit with reflec­tive value
  5. Does my city or even my state have safety require­ments?  Check zon­ing laws – there may be restric­tions on place­ment in the back of your lot or on the size of pool you can build in rela­tion to the lot.  There may be safety require­ments such as a safety fence of a cer­tain height around your pool. Do your research before you begin!

Build­ing a pool is an excit­ing project that can add to the beauty of your home and the qual­ity of life you lead.  Match your pool dreams with your prop­erty spec­i­fi­ca­tions for the per­fect fit.

As always, if you have any ques­tions, just give us a call. Be sure to down­load out super-helpful Insider Tips from our web­site so you know every­thing you need before you begin!



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